Real time notification

  • 1

    Select the products to track

    A dozen relevant references or the entire product catalog of your major competitors' references...

  • 2

    We need to adapt m3

    We (quickly) build the connectors for m3 and a few weeks later the survey can begin

  • 3

    We keep in touch

    An alert is sent as a price changes. You have dedicated tools to track the changes.

  • 4

    Keep your prices competitive

    Define repricing rules, the M3 repricing module will keep your prices always competitive.

Full service

Thanks to a sequential operation and a modular structure, M3 allows the realization of a full service, very simply. Once the competing products to be monitored have been defined, the different modules take turns:

an alert is sent as a price changes. The M3 repricing module then optimizes the sales prices of your products, according to rules. A last module instantly updates your merchant sites or marketplaces. Your products remain competitive.


Real time notifications

From a specific and unique page, precisely configure your notification rules:

  • notification mode: push / pull (access to the reporting interface)
  • immediate warning condition (eg change of a defined number of references, upward and / or downward change, minimum change)
  • deferred group notifications (eg: modification of a single reference, referencing / referencing of products)
  • notification vector (sms, e-mail)
  • format of the data provided (Excel, Pdf)
  • content of the produced data (actor, products, codes, date, old / new price…)


Reporting interface

A single interface thus allows the search for the latest price changes (by actor / product / date / category) and the analysis of prices changes over time and by actor. All data is exportable in different formats.