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It's an easy solution to set up. You select the competitors and products you want to track; we build the connectors for M3 and a few weeks later the survey can begin. Dedicated tools allow you to analyse the changes and define repricing rules. Meet Thomas and discover M3 !

Powerfull tools

Thanks to its modular structure (a software engine + specific developed web crawlers), M3 allows accurate and unlimited tracking of prices on any e-commerce sites as well as on Marketplaces.

User-friendly interface

From the main panel, access all features. M3 is a SaaS solution: no software to install, no updates to manage.

Real-time notification

Select competitors and products you want to track, define your notification preferences, we will inform you as a price changes.

Repricing rules panel

Define rules for real-time repricing to keep your prices always competitive and your margin profit stable.

M3 simply connects to your e-commerce platform.
Need help developing your online store? We propose a whole offer.

Choice of the online sales platform and implementation.
Dozens of solutions exist ... each with advantages, disadvantages, but also different costs. We choose together the one that is best for you.

Content definition, organization and deployment.
Realization of the cards associated with the references to sell, structuring in logical headings, conception of the algorithms of price (taxes, shipping cost...).

Referencing your site and optimization for SEO.
Simple rules make it possible to obtain high visibility, without requiring significant costs. It only remains to connect M3 to your platform, you are ready for sale.

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